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The Bund is a waterfront area of Shanghai District. It is usually refers to the buildings located in front of a body of water. This place is a tourist spot where bulk of people love to see and take some pictures. The area along the body of water is facing to the skycrapers of Pudong District.

The Bund in Shanghai. #summer #beattheheat

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The City Gold Temple is an old city district of Shanghai. This is the old commercial district. Until now it is being used as a commercial center. In fact, when you want to buy something in Shanghai for a souvenir to bring back home, the place is best for it.

Beautiful City Gold Temple, Shanghai, China. #travel #budget #shanghai #tour

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China is known for an acrobatic show and Shanghai is not an exemption. When you visit Shanghai, be sure to visit the Shanghai Circus World. It is a permanent dome for acrobatic shows.You will surely enjoy the shows at night especially Kung Fu show.

Dome in Shanghai. #china #travel #circus #world #shanghai #acrobatics #show

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The most difficult to please when you travel are the kids. I have been travelling every year since 2009. I brought with me my kids during travel. During those moment I experienced a lot of challenges in bringing kids during my journey. I experience bringing stroller and even changing diapers. In every stage of a child there is always a challenge. However, you are there to enjoy your travel with the kids. When we travelled to Hongkong, my kids really enjoyed the Disneyland. As we all know that Disneyland really for the kids. You will really enjoy the show and rides inside Disneyland. Another beautiful place to go is in Singapore. Singapore is famous of being clean and well disciplined city. You will also enjoy Singapore by visiting the Universal Studio but not all the things inside the Universal Studio are pleasing to children. As adult, you may enjoy all but the kids might get bored to watch other shows inside the studio. One thing that I can recommend, is to wait the Sesame Street Show during the afternoon. I have taken a video clip of the show. Watch and you’re surely enjoy.

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