Travelling from Manila to Mindanao sounds exciting. Although, the trip is really tiring but the excitement of seeing the places you will pass is always present. We have started our trip from Quezon City then pass to places in Luzon, down to Visayas and, lastly, to Mindanao, particularly to Iligan, our hometown. My friend asked me to accompany him as he will travel by land his newly acquired pick up from Manila. Without hesitation I accepted the offer, I said to myself “this is my chance to travel by land from Manila to Iligan. I know I don’t have purpose of travelling by land from Manila to Iligan. Besides, he shouldered all the expenses during the trip including our meals.”

 All you need in travelling by land in a long distance trip are water and food, without mentioning your transportation necessities, such as, fuel and the car you would use during the trip. You must ready all the requirements of your automobile especially the travel documents and first aid kit of your car. Every time you will stop you must check the water, tire, oil, fluids, etc. of your car to avoid untoward incident during the trip. I would advice, if you are planning to travel by land from Manila, you must bring a big tire car so that you can hurdle the rough roads in some places during your trip. Remember, this is Philippines, Government road repairs are always inefficient.

 There are only two ways when you travel by land from Manila to Mindanao. These are via AH26 or you will take via Strong Republic Nautical Highway. The former has 1514 kilometers and has two ferry boats, while the latter has 1165 kilometers with three ferry boats, called Roro. We took the AH26. Accordingly, Strong Republic Nautical Highway has a long travel by the sea though Roro, that is why we took the AH26 because we wanted to travel more by land.

Villa Escudero
Our first stop was at Villa Escudero, San Pablo City, Quezon. We intended to eat our breakfast in this place, however, we are very early, the place is still closed.
Peñafrancia Basilica
We happen to visit the Peñafrancia Basilica in Naga City.
Bicol Strawberry Farm
We also enjoy the Strawberry Farm in Bicol.

There are two ports that you will pass in this trip. First port is in Matnog, Sorsogon, and the second port is in Liloan, Souther Leyte. You will be sucked with the ferry system of accepting passengers. The queue is very long and you need to do under-the-table just to embark the ferry. We waited about 9 hours in Matnog Port because we didn’t know that you need to do a miracle for you to embark the ferry. There are a lot of fixers. However, when we arrived at the Liloan Port, the system is quite different. No need for you to do under-the-table just to embark the ferry. The queue is real.

San Juanico Bridge
We enjoy crossing the San Juanico Bridge connecting 
Samar and Leyte in the Visayas Islands.

 We missed some tourist spots because we have engine trouble while on our way to Naga. We missed the Mt. Mayon because when we pass through Legazpi City the rain covers the perfect cone-shape volcanoe. This means that we will do again our adventure of travelling again from Manila to Iligan. Though, we have missed some spots but it is already my great pleasure travelling by land from Manila to Iligan. It was such a great adventure using our phone GPS just to find our ways to arrive to our destination. You will surely satisfied when you do your travel by land from Manila to Mindanao.

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