Enjoying the scenery of the crowded beach – Boracay.

I have been to several places already. I met many nationalities. Mostly, their reasons of travelling is to see places. We know we are imprisoned by boundaries created by humans. We always segragate ourselves by creating boundaries which God give to us without lines and borders. When I introduce my self to foreign people I met, they always and often knew BORACAY. I don’t know what’s in Boracay. If their reason is because of the white sand, I found a lot of white beaches in the Philippines finer than Boracay sand, whiter than Boracay beach, and serene than the crowded Boracay Island.

 I have been to Boracay twice already. All of which are not for holiday. During my first visit, I was with my colleagues having a seminar for two days. You will not enjoy your stay in Boracay if you go their for business. Second time in Boracay, I was with my daughter. My daughter was having her three-day Math training. I haven’t enjoyed again for my daughter was still very young not to be attended with. So, I have to attend to her needs. Luckily, during my daughter’s lecture, I went to the beach front and enjoy the scenery. I haven’t gone to swimming the beaches in Boracay.

 I observed the people and tried to find out why they enjoy staying in Boracay. I observed that some are so relax watching the scenery. Foreigners love to do sunbathing. Some, just relaxing in the beach couch with the huge umbrella, wearing oversized sunglasses, sipping some juices or handling a bottle of beer while watching women wearing their two-piece swimming suit. Aside from the beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy some water adventure or maybe scuba diving.

Sunset in Boracay
Enjoying the sunset in Boracay
Mall in Boracay
Do some shopping in Boracay for souvenirs.
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