Eating could be the greatest man’s happiness. In fact, an article that I have read saying that there are only two things that man could achieve his ultimate happiness, those are food and sex. However, these two could lead to ruin human life especially those two things are accompanied with greed and lust. If you eat too much, your body will suffer diseases, while if you have sex too much, this can lead to committing sex crimes such as rape and adultery or it can also lead you to sexually transmitted diseases. In this article, I am going to talk about food that I ate when I had a short vacation in the US. However, I will not talk about a particular food. I will talk about food that I ate in the Buffet Restaurants that cost you less but you can eat more. Buffet in the US are anywhere. It cost around $11 to $25 and your meal could be more than enough in a single meal setting.


I really love eating. Who’s not in-love with food? With the picture above, I love the seafoods. I haven’t picked up rice from the buffet table. Rice is available anywhere in the Philippines, so, I snub the rice, although, sometimes I get tempted to pick the fried one because I know it is not usual as steam rice.


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