Windmills may not be a tourist destination in other countries. But in the Philippines, a lot people really amazed in those structures. In fact, windmills in Bangui, Ilocos Norte is being visited and tourists took pictures with them. One of our destination when we went to Ilocos provinces was Bangui Windmills. Bangui Windmills is a wind farm located in Bangui, Ilocos Norte. The wind farm is owned and manage by Northwind Power Development Corporation for the purpose of generating electricity through renewable energy. It is very interesting to note that these windmills started with 15 wind turbines to produce electricity. When we visited the place, windmills are already more than 15. They have constructed already several additional windmills. Although, I have already seen several windmills abroad during my previous travels, still I feel the excitement of seeing those structures. I felt the excitement because I was amazed that we have created what other advanced countries have already created. Once, you will visit this place you can also visit the Patapat Bridge and other several tourist destination in the area.


Bangui windmills #pagudpud #ilocosnorte

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