Zamboanga City Hall
Zamboanga City Hall in a panoramic view.

Everybody hears about Zamboanga because the place is very historical. In fact, during the pre-Spanish era, activities of our Filipino ancestors were already active in that place. It is known of being the place of barter of goods. Until now there are still places in Zamboanga City wherein you can see some goods being sold and it is still named as Barter. Going there is easy because the place is accessible by land, by water, or by plane. It is only about 8 hour to 12 hours by bus from Cagayan de Oro. I went to Zamboanga about 5 months ago and as I travelled there I have seen the beautiful scenery of the place. You can appreciate the beauty of the city if you are fond of old houses and streets. You can see some cobblestone pavements and old houses and buildings of the place. I also appreciate their language. Chavacano is the language of the place. Although, the place is the home of the Subanon Tribe but the Hispanic influence of the place makes it more historic. Chavacano language is a creole of the Spanish and Filipino language. Aside from the old houses you can also see old trees which are already big enough to be embraced by five to ten persons. Zamboanga City is also known of being the gateway to Southeast Asia. In fact, there are ferries which regularly travelled to Malaysia. There is a route from Zamboanga City to Sendakan, Malaysia. Pictures I post will speak for more. “No te vayas de Zamboanga!”

BPI building
Old house design of the Bank of Philippine Islands in Zamboanga City.
Zamboanga Cannon
Presence of this old cannon in the place implies that the place is really old.
Acacia tree
Even old trees can tell how old the place is. Big old acacia trees are planted within the city.

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