Sometimes travelling will just simply appear in your schedule. Sometimes you just arrived at the airport and wondering why am I here? What I mean is, sometimes travelling isn’t planned. Last May of 2015, I went to Purwokerto, Indonesia. I was only dreaming of coming to the capital, Jakarta, but I went as far as Purwokerto and Bandung. The two cities were so great though the environment and climate are the same in my home country, Philippines, but the fact the I am in the other country the feeling is really different. Usually, when I travel I am always attending a conference. I would always make it sure that when I was in the place, I will also take a tour and enjoy the place while having a conference. I fly from Manila to Jakarta. As usual, the feeling of excitement of going again to a new place is always pounding the beat of my heart. I arrived Jakarta at dawn and ask for a hotel. Somebody from the airport told me and my friends to stay in Pop Hotel. You need not worry about the cost of the hotel as the place is very affordable and cozy with free breakfast. In the morning, I together with my two other companions went to the train station to travel to our destination to Purwokerto. I enjoyed Purwokerto as I have created a lot of friends. Another network friends with different culture. The beauty of the place is, if Filipinos are hospitable, Indonesians have double the hospitability of the people. I was able to enjoy the culture especially the food. Indonesians love to eat spicy food. Even desserts are spicy.


The City of Porwukerto, Indonesia viewed from Mt. Slemat.

I also enjoyed riding the Porwukerto’s train to provinces. I took a train from Jakarta to Porwukerto. I enjoyed it because I couldn’t find like this transportation in the Philippines. I rode a train in the Philippines only in Manila but the destination is only within the Metro. I wish our government would do something like this kind of transportation in my country. During the conference, one of the itineraries was to climb to Mt. Slamat. I visited and enjoy the view of nature including their famous hot spring.

Porwukerto, Indonesia

The City of Porwukerto, Indonesia.

The joy of staying in Porwukerto is beyond compare. Though the place is not that highly urbanized but the people are so warmed and very accommodating. If given a change to visit again this place, I would love to, because visiting the place is worth more than the money you spend during your travel.

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