Father Duffy Statue
Francis Patrick Duffy Statue in Times Square, New York

Probably, most of us are asking why Times Square in New York is so popular? This particular place is visited by over 39 million visitors every year. This place is decorated with brightly adorn billboard for advertisements. In fact, when I came to this place I was so amazed with the billboard and not of the place itself. There are several names given by visitors of the place. Some call it as the “Crossroads of the world”, some call it “The Center of the Universe”, and some call it “The heart of the great white way”. So, when I went to New York I really allocate time to visit the place. I was so intrigue of what is in it, and why people really visits the place. It is really true that people are really going there. I have seen several nationalities who also took pictures of the place. As I found out, the place is a conjunctions of the big streets. Streets that have been used by several big companies who handled signature products. The place is a conjunction of Midtown Manhattan, New York, a conjunction of Broadway Street and the Seventh Avenue. Besides, the place is being used for people who welcome the New Year. Count down of every new year is actually happening in the place. It is made a culture that the place is utilized to welcome the New Year.

Time Square
Times Square during night time with the tourist who are busy shooting and looking the view.
Times Square, New York

Times Square with the tourists and the brightly lighted billboard for advertisements.

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