Travel without a visa is much easier and convenient. However, as a Filipino, I have only few countries that I can go with without any travel visa. One of which is the small country in South East Asia known as Brunei Darussalam. This country does not require any travel visa for a certain period of time for Filipinos. I have been to this country once and I perceived the place as peaceful and calm. People are in its high standard of living as the country is providing well for their constituents. I haven’t seen several people who walks around. Even buses and other public transport are seldom can be seen in the city proper. So, when you come to the country be sure you have relatives or friends that could accommodate you in going around the city. Most people are working with their car and often not riding any public transport. I like their beaches but only few people are in the beach. You can still see lots of monkeys anywhere including public places. Mosques are very  awesome to look at. You can include visiting not only the mosque and beaches but also the museum. You will understand fully the place when you visit the museums because history of the place is explained by the museum in-charge. Malls of the city is not so sophisticated as compared in the Philippines but there are cheaper valuable goods such as gold and gadgets. In fact, I bought my electric dry cabinet in the mall of Brunei. Jewelries are everywhere in the mall, that explains why its inexpensive. By the way, if you expect to get drunk in Brunei, forget it. You could hardly see any liquor or beer in the city.

Golden Mosque in Brunei at night.

Golden Mosque in Brunei at night.


Mosque are prominent structures in Brunei

Mosques are prominent structures in Brunei


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