Turkish Visa for FilipinosWith the advent of technology, the Turkish Embassy changes their visa processing to online. It is good news for us Filipinos especially those living in the provinces. In fact, I am from Mindanao and when I applied for Turkish Visa last July 2013, it was really a hassle for me to travel to Manila and back to Mindanao for the purpose of having an interview at the embassy which only lasted for a couple of minutes. Considering also the cost in travelling and staying in Manila for 2 days or 3 days, online application then is the real convenience for us who are living in the provinces. I wrote this article in relation to my previous article which is no longer valid. You can compare the hassle and time consumed in a traditional visa application and online application. Based on my research I found the online processing of Turkish Visa application. They call it eVisa processing. In order to obtain an online visa approval you must meet the following requirements.

  1. Valid passport covering the period you will be staying in Turkey usually 6 months validity
  2. You have to hold a return ticket and hotel reservation
  3. Financial capacity to stay in Turkey of at least $50 per day
  4. If you are travelling for a seminar or conference you have to provide proof of invitation from the organisation inviting you
  5. You must hold a supporting document such as Schengen Visa or Valid Visa from any Convention on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member country. Much better if you are a holder of valid residence permit of Schengen or OECD member country.

If you cannot provide proof of any of the following requirements stated above please visit or call the Turkish Embassy in Manila. I would advise to those who are living in the provinces, you have to call the embassy first before going to Manila to avoid the hassle and cost of travel expenditure.

Address and Phone number of the Embassy of Turkey in Manila

Address: 2268, Paraiso Street, Dasmarinas Village, Makati, 1222 Metro Manila
Phone: 63 2 843 9705

Please visit the website http://turkishvisaonline.com for further details of eVisa application.

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4 Comments on Turkish Online Visa Application for Filipinos

  1. Neo says:

    TRAVEL LOVERS: A reminder to all that Turkey no longer issues paper visa at customs, so you need to apply for one before you leave your home country. I really found Turkishvisaonline.com with best service. I recommend to Use this application service to obtain an authorisation for your e-Visa without any hassle.

  2. TJ says:

    Hi Sol!

    This is very informative. My family plans to visit Turkey and I wonder if the process is the same here in UAE.

  3. merry cris says:

    hello po.my friend in turkey wants me to go there using a tourist visa because she want me to witness the beauty of turkey and she said it would be easier if i could apply e- visa online. My question is if i could successfully apply e-visa online, do i need to go to turkish embassy here in the philippines. please i need someone to answer my question. Im from mindanao and its my first time to travel alone in turkey. thanks

  4. […]  Note: Please be advised that this article is no longer applicable due to the new processing of the Turkish Embassy for applying Visa for Filipinos. You can still read this article for reference purposes. Please see related article on how to apply Turkish Visa online in this website http://myplanetjourneys.com/turkish-online-visa-application-filipinos/. […]

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